Believe you can and you're halfway there --Theodore Roosevelt

Who will benefit

Coaching services

Professional coaching is a life changing process that can empower you to move smoothly through life transitions.

It is a dynamic partnership that focuses on strengths, utilizes assessments and powerful questions in order to identify goals and brainstorm the specific steps to achieve your personal best.

Coaching is different from counseling.  Counseling takes the position that there is a deficit that needs to be addressed.  Counseling generally focuses on mood disorders and dysfunction. 

The primary assumption of coaching is that you possess numerous strengths. You have had successes throughout your life; you have the skill set on which to build to create your next fulfilling chapter.

As a trained coach, I can help propel you through the process in order to achieve new purpose and fulfillment based on your ideal vision for the future. If you are ready to begin a Quest for Change, engaging me as your Coach is your next step.

Contact me at (435) 729-9089 in Park City, Utah to schedule personalized Coaching Sessions designed to clarify your passions and help you discover and navigate your next exciting chapter.