Believe you can and you're halfway there --Theodore Roosevelt

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is designed for individuals who are faced with the exciting yet daunting task of designing the next chapter of their lives. As your coach, I can help you successfully navigate these transitions.

 If you are an "empty-nester", your role as a stay at home parent has changed. Your children are      focused on creating successful, independent lives and they don't need you in the same way. It's time  for you to discover your next passion and fulfilling purpose. You may want to resume a previous  career or explore other options. The next chapter is significant and worth investing in yourself in order  to discover your next worthwhile endeavor.

If your life changes in another significant way, through divorce or relocation, it is important to have a coach to guide you through this process.  As your coach, I can help you turn potential obstacles into challenges.  This can be your opportunity to adapt to these changes in a positive way and embrace your new future.

Perhaps you are a "baby boomer" (born 1946-1964).  Your life expectancy is longer than that of the previous generation.  Medical advances, combined with healthy living has made this possible.  So when you reach the age of retirement, you most likely have much more to offer.  Instead of merely retiring from your current career, it is important to retire to something meaningful.  I'm sure you know some retirees who seem depressed and lost.  As your coach, I can help you appreciate the value of your past as well as discover a new and exciting path.